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Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүн булангаараа Lemon c100 ундааг танилцуулж байна.Уг лемоны ундаа нь С витаминаар баялаг бөгөөд та тогтмол хүнсэндээ хэрэглэсэнээр биеийн эсэргүүцэл сайжирч бие махбодыг сэргээх эрүүлжүүлэх үүрэгтэй.Уг ундаа нь маш бага хугацаанд давтагдашгүй амт болон чанараараа олны танил болж чаджээ.




In the beginning was Shuirong C100. These guys spent nothing on advertising, instead letting the quality of the product stand on its own lemon-flavored feet. This coupled with having no real competitors in their niche market (lemon vitamin juice drinks) formed a winning strategy. This simple pearl white juice drink surprised shop keepers by consistently selling 100 boxes each day; within 30 minutes of appearance, C100 would disappear from shelves.

The product was so good/popular, that discussions sprang up online: “The first day it entered Hangzhou, I spotted it. I like acid flavor from I was a kid, the first taste of it was still too acid, but I am used to it now.” “Every time I go to supermarket, I buy dozens of bottles; looking at it, I feel my life is not so boring.” “I stayed in dorm for a week till today. I saw C100, I like trying new drinks, taste good, but just too expensive, 445ml costs 4.5 RMB here.” A poll on a Hangzhou website shows 90% of voters just can’t get enough sugar water, I mean C100.

Moonwalk advertising; moving backwards to move forward.
Common China beverage strategy is to push products using heavy advertising during the Spring Festival period, a jumping point for a strong summer campaign. C100 chose a completely opposite route.

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